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Here at, we thrive to deliver the best possible experience you can have using our dating app. To make a safe place we have some strict rules for you to follow. They are pretty common but you need to remember, if you violate these rules - you will be banned from using our services forever.

We encourage you to report any behavior that violates our policies and read up on our Safety Tips.

You must be 18 years of age or older to use

We are welcome people in our community who are:

Authentic is a great place to build relationships and we don’t want you to have a negative experience. Use your real name and photos and report community members who don't meet our requirements. To increase your chances for a date – verify your profile using and begin your relationships with honesty. Please remember – one person, one account.

Kind and honest

Be open to new beginnings but be careful. All attempts to harass, violate, scam or harm community members will be punished by our ban system. Do not send your private information to barely known people even if they ask you politely.

Looking for relationships or wants to spend a great time chatting

Our moderation team is working hard to make the community without fake profiles. Make a better place - report unauthentic profiles or any attempts to violate our rules.

We do not accept any promotions, solicitation, prostitution, or trafficking. This is unacceptable in our community. team has a zero-tolerance policy on the predatory behavior of any kind. If you notice fraudulent activity – let us know and report a user right in the interface.

Le regole di corrispondenza

Chatting with someone new is fascinating, but don’t forget to be polite and follow these rules. You cannot:

  • Send spam;
  • Send messages requiring their further transmission to one or more users;
  • Send advertising, commercial, or job offers;
  • Send messages using profanity. Respect others and be polite;
  • Send messages calling to move to a third-party site

How to report a user

There are 2 easy ways to report a user:

  1. Report a user right on the website or app:
    • Open the profile of the person who breaks the rules
    • Click on the 3-dots button in the right upper corner of the screen.
    • Fa' clic su Reclamare e seleziona il motivo.
  2. team will investigate this case and block the person if needed.

  3. Send us a message to

Date safely and feel free to reach out if you are faced with inappropriate behavior. Do not forget to check our Safety tips.

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