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Online Safety

Protect your personal information

Don’t send your personal information such as your address, credit card details, or your email to people you barely know. Avoid sharing information that can be used by scammers and fraudsters.

Never share your financial information

Do not send money to unknown people, 99% of cases are usually fraud. You wouldn't be able to get your money back and we wouldn't be able to assist you. Feel free to report any money requests right in the app to prevent fraud and save other people.

Stay in the app

Keep your conversations on to protect yourself. We use a number of filters to make your dating experience more efficient and friendly. We do not support any harmful and illegal behavior and moving to another app or messenger can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Be careful with long-distance relationships

Sometimes you will be asked to send money to help someone get back home. Never send money to unknown people and don’t trust sad stories about money issues. It’s better to meet in person and decide when you will be sure.

Block and report anyone who violates our Safety Tips and Terms of use.

Offline Safety

Ask for fresh photos

We don’t want you to be disappointed in your choice - it’s better to ask for some fresh photos to understand how your partner looks like.

No pressure

Go on a date only if you want it and if you are ready for it. You don't have to agree to a meeting under pressure.

Have a call

Always try to talk on the phone before making a date.

Tell your friends or family about your meeting

Tell your friends where you are going to go and ask them to call or text you during the meeting to check if everything is okay. Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and the balance is positive. Message your friends how the meeting is going and let them know when you return home.

Use your own transport or pick a taxi

Do not agree to meet at home. Don't give your address to the person until you've gotten to know each other well.

Think about excuses to leave

To avoid unnecessary hassle, think about a reason to leave a date, in case you feel like the meeting has failed.

Choose a public place on a daytime

We know how romantic a night date can be, but please be careful. Keep your wallet, phone, and other valuables close to you. If you decide to drink – accept beverages and food only from bartenders and waiters. Keep an eye on your drinks to prevent them from being mixed with questionable substances.

Be safe and good luck with

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